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Archibald Lake Road Culvert UPDATE 8-8-17

Message from Dick Kendall concerning the culvert. I recommended using TNT, but I don't think they'll go in that direction

"Two of us went over to Boot Lake to bust out the illegal ‘dam’ but the structure is much too secure and stubborn and wouldn’t respond to the blow of the sledge. And, inside the tube, it is difficult to get any good swing and leverage to pound it loose.

So, we were unsuccessful. I have called the County and asked them to bring over a compressed air jack hammer. They can likely accomplish the objective in about 30 minutes. Town employees can then drag out the debris in 5-gallon buckets.

I’m not sure on the County’s timing, but will keep you updated.

Click here to read DNR letter to Doty Town Chairman regarding Archibald Lake Road Culvert

Update on Condition and Health of Boot Lake

click here to read the report from Amy Klebe


Thanks to all to helped with the

2017 Boot Lake Cleanup

It was a very good year due to the fact we pulled very little out of the lake. We covered the shore line from the island to Platkowski's bay and the western shore from Paulson's to the campground

A big thanks to all of the volunteers:

Dan Platkowski, Ben Ariss, Craig Vorpahl, Rick Promer, Pete Kelm, Dick Kelm, Bill Bero, Patti Bero, Sue Cismoski, Patti Bero's sister and her husband



Boot Lake Baby Loon Final Update (July 13)

Thursday, July 13 Update

I have been talking with the loon researcher who has been working with our chick.  Here is her reply.


"I just returned from monitoring the loon chick and had no phone service.  Yes, the release went smoothly, your loon chick is happily swimming like a loon chick should be.  Thank everyone for taking the first step in helping it get the help it needed by rescuing it."


(Many of you have asked how to make donations to the Raptor Center.  Here is a link to their support page and you can donate right on-line.  If you prefer to stop in or send in a check here is the address.  Thanks for asking, they can't continue to provide the great treatment without our help.)


thanks for attending

Boot Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting

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Monitoring of the

Boot Lake Boat Landing

(Clean Boats/Clean Waters Program)

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Boot Lake Improvement Association

Map of the Vegetation and the Health of Boot Lake

2014 Boot Lake Mapping for Vegetation
2013 Boot Lake Mapping for Vegetation

The Ci BioBase System was developed to provide automated cloud based mapping and historical trend tools for aquatic analysis. This is accomplished with powerful yet inexpensive data recording tools and dynamic centralized analytic and lake mapping tools. CI BioBase leverages log file formats recorded to SD cards using today’s Lowrance™ brand depth finders and chart plotters.
Each subscriber to the BioBase System can collect acoustic data, upload it to a BioBase account, and automatically produce vegetation abundance and bathymetric maps
More information can be found at


Boot Lake Fish Stocking Information

email from Senior Fisheries Biologist - Inland waters of Marinette County & Oconto County regarding fish stocking and historical fish population in Boot Lake
Boot Lake Gamefish Panfish Electro CPE_Summary
Boot Lake Stocking From1972 Present


Citizen Lake Monitoring Reports now on-line

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U.S. Geological Survey

Water Level Marker on Boot Lake

First Reading of 2017

May 2, 2017: 4.20 ft

(up 0.79 ft (9.5in)from last reading on 11/14/16)

First Reading of 2016: 3.84 ft

(up 0.9 ft from last reading on 11/30/15)

May 5, 2016: 3.84 ft

June 9, 2016: 3.88 ft

July 10, 2016: 3.88 ft

August 15, 2016: 3.78 ft

September 2, 2016: 3.58 ft

September 30, 2016: 3.48 ft

October 25, 2016: 3.28 ft

November 14, 2016: 3.41 ft (final reading 2016)

(down 0.43 ft, [5 5/32 in] from first reading of 2016)

November 30, 2015: 2.94 (final 2015)

Final Reading of 2014 (11/13/2014): 2.58 ft

1st Reading 2015: 4/30/15 2.99 ft

Base height on 5/17/10 of 1.37 ft

(feet to inches calculator)

2013 Water Levels

2012 Water Levels

2011 Water levels

2010 Water levels

historic water levels for Boot Lake


Boot Lake Wildlife Photos

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Aquatic Invasive Species Identification

contact Bob Dietrick, Sandy Ariss or Janet Kelm if interested in identifying invasive aquatic species on Boot Lake

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